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Unify your customer interactions across platforms. From SMS to social media, ensure seamless communication and never miss an opportunity to connect.

AI-Driven Solutions

Empower your business with intelligent automation. Streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth with our cutting-edge AI workflows.

Marketing & Engagement

Amplify your brand's voice and reach your target audience effectively. Harness tools that optimize campaigns, boost conversions, and foster lasting relationships.

Hear from Geoff, who embarked on this journey to empower entrepreneurs like you.

We Lead from the Front

In today's digital age, staying connected with your customers is more important than ever. That's where we come in. Our suite of tools is crafted with your unique needs in mind, ensuring seamless communication and efficient marketing strategies.

Get More From Your Business With AI

Automate the handling of common customer inquiries, build rapport, overcome objections and book appointments on autopilot with a cutting-edge Intelligent Sales Machine features.

Christine Seale

Travis Piepho

Melissa Blair

increase opportunities

Increase Opportunities

Respond to every incoming call, capture lead details, and schedule appointments automatically.

telephone support

Offer 24/7 Support

Provide round-the-clock support to resolve enquiries even outside regular work hours automatically.

improved customer relations

Boost Customer Relations

Never miss an interaction, respond immediately improving customer satisfaction automatically.

  • Understand the evolving landscape of digital communication

  • Harness AI-driven tools to enhance customer interactions

  • Strategies to build trust and loyalty in the digital age

  • Real-world case studies showcasing transformative communication tactics

Discover the Secrets to Transforming Customer Engagement

Communication Unleashed: Transforming Customer Engagement

Dive into Geoff Wainwright's groundbreaking insights on harnessing the power of modern communication tools. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this book offers strategies to elevate your customer interactions, foster lasting relationships, and drive business growth.

Geoff is a seasoned communication strategist with over a decade of experience helping businesses transform their customer engagement. With a passion for innovation and a keen understanding of the modern business landscape, Geoff has guided numerous enterprises to success through effective communication. This book distills years of expertise into actionable insights, making it an indispensable resource for businesses of all sizes.

"Every business owner has a voice; I'm here to help you amplify yours. Let's embark on this journey to communication excellence together."

Michael Kellim

Matt Plapp

Ian Almasi

Alex Schlinsky

Gustavo Muñuz Castro

Matt Coffy

Real Results, Real Businesses:

The GLAM Brows and Lashes Bar Transformation

Discover how one local business harnessed the power of Intelligent Sales Machine to redefine success.

Glam Brows & Lashes Bar

Brief Overview

GLAM Brows and Lashes Bar, a thriving local beauty salon, faced challenges in streamlining communications and managing their digital presence. Enter Intelligent Sales Machine (ISM).

Challenges Faced

  • AI-driven workflows for efficient appointment scheduling.

  • Fragmented communication channels leading to missed opportunities.

  • Inefficient appointment scheduling causing over bookings and client dissatisfaction.

  • Difficulty in communicating with current clients and prospects wanting to use SMS.

  • Website that needed SEO and more modern look and feel.

Solutions Provided by ISM

These specific features of ISM helped address their challenges.

  • Unified multichannel communication for seamless client interactions.

  • Integrated payment solutions for a smooth transaction experience.

  • Modern website builder with integrations built-in across all software services.


Within months of integrating with Intelligent Sales Machine, GLAM Brows and Lashes Bar witnessed a remarkable transformation. Client communications improved, appointment bookings surged, and online sales saw a significant uptick.


A direct quote from the owner of 'GLAM Brows and Lashes Bar' about their experience with ISM:

"Integrating with ISM was a game-changer for us. Our operations are smoother, clients happier, and business booming!" - Pranab, Owner of GLAM Brows and Lashes Bar

"Inspired by GLAM's success? Discover how Intelligent Sales Machine can elevate your business too!"

The Missed Call Text Back With AI Has Been A Big Hit So Far

Think what it could do for your business...

James Francis

"I was sceptical that the AI assistant would be able to book appointments effectively but it has surpassed expectations, her names Lily 😆. Highly recommend for anyone who has a hectic work day or not enough staff to man the phone 24/7."

Chris Jacobs

"We have always struggled to keep on top of answering the phone. This has solved the problem without us having to take on more staff. Our clients seem to like it, and it frees us up and keeps us away from the phone."

Elizabeth Stirling

"We've had our best month for over 3 years since adopting the Missed Call Text Back and AI. Its completely changed how we operate for the better. We let the AI assistant book all our appointments now, and we're getting more than ever."

  • Never Miss a Call: With our system, no calls go unanswered, ensuring you never miss out on potential opportunities.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: The immediate response to missed calls improves customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Improved Conversion Rates: Increased engagement with potential customers can lead to higher conversion rates.

  • Automated Workflow: Automate the process of responding to missed calls, reducing manual tasks.

  • AI-Powered Efficiency: Our system uses advanced AI technology to interact intelligently with your potential customers.

  • 24/7 Coverage: It doesn't matter if it's after hours or weekends, our system is always working for you.

  • Easy Appointment Booking: The AI system can schedule appointments with potential customers, saving you valuable time.

  • Personalized Interactions: Messages are personalized, ensuring your potential customers feel valued.

  • Reduced Costs: Minimize staffing costs required for manual follow-up and appointment booking.

  • Seamless Integration: Our system integrates smoothly with our existing CRM setup.

  • Increase Customer Retention: Quick and professional response helps to keep your potential customers interested and less likely to go to a competitor.

  • Boost Sales: By increasing customer interaction and engagement, our system can help you boost your sales.

  • Improve Business Reputation: An efficient response system makes your business stand out and improve its reputation.

  • Data Tracking: Keep track of missed calls, response rates, and customer conversion metrics to inform future strategies.

  • Scalability: Whether your business is small or large, our system can scale to fit your needs, helping you grow.

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